Saturday, December 09, 2006

The semantic me

I am a decent, nice, rational and logical sort of chap. But I do put off work a lot.

Certainly there would be very few people who are lazy than me, and that is something I hope to correct. Now take this project I am working on. There is a need for lot more work if we have to get anything done. I suppose I should really try to sit down and work in an organised manner.

But that also reminds me of what I ponder over a lot. I am doing a computer engineering degree, and certainly the job I end up in will involve a lot of programming. I enjoy most of programming, but then there is programming and there is programming.

I like working and creating systems, keeping flexibility, efficiency et all in mind. I dont like programming where the emphasis is on learning a hell of a lot of syntax and creating restrictive code without the freedom to customise the logical structure of the program. I think I would enjoy working on artifical intelligence, network protocals, compilers, and operating systems.

The project I am involved in involves web (perl/javascript) programming, and while I appreciate the utility, I dont enjoy such programming much. I like the concept of a semantic web a lot, but I would enjoy creating such standards more than working with them (hehe). Maybe my view will change when I gain comfort with all the new syntax.

I also should find something real to do these holidays. Electronics, football ... ah for laziness.

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