Thursday, January 11, 2007

New days

Eh the second semester started a few days back. Uptil now everyday has been a confusing experience, with no one being sure about which class they belong to, or what the timetable is. With many classes not held there was plenty of free time.

For some inexplicable reason, the all powerful adminstrators decided to divide us into seperate classes based on the rank and category in the CEE entrance exam. This meant that most of the students from the delhi general category would be in one class, with the others in another. So for the first two days we went according to this weird division, until they finally decided to regroup students, this time in alphabetical order.

So I head towards college tomorrow with no idea about which class I am in or which timetable I shall follow. Expecting the unexpected, just as I like it. Anyway, I am happy that the adminstrators finally came to their senses, even though the new arrangement sends a few more of my existing friends to a seperate class,

Might I add a few words about the new courses ... things seem a huge improvement over the first semester, with physics courses forming the bulk, along with maths and programming. But the programming course, which I looked forward to, seems completely useless and boring. I have pride in my analytical and algorithmic skills, and I hope something happens soon to boost my self confidence in that.

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