Sunday, February 22, 2009

Google ADvani

"Advani for PM" is the graphical banner I see now on many Indian sites & forums. I suppose, if I had enabled graphics ads here rather than the square text box, it would have been on this blog as well.

While it is clear that he is trying to copy one of Obama's campaign strategies in the US (That is -- to use the Internet. Although, I don't think I saw google ads for Obama back then), I don't think it is clear whether it can succeed nearly as well, or even at all.

For one thing, Obama was a progressive candidate who could connect with the technology-savvy people of US, with his liberal and generally pro-science policies. Though I can't speak for everyone, it is rather easy to see Advani playing the dual game here -- ready to present different faces to the urban masses and to the orthodox "behind the scenes" agents of his party. Whatever it takes to get ahead, right?

And for another, how much does the internet really determine politics in India?

There is one thing though, although a larger fraction of the internet denizens in countries like US are liberal & progressive, almost the opposite is true in India. Either that, or the BJP/RSS supporters have a lot of free time. Browse through the comments on news sites or through forums to see that. Confusing.

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kadz said...

Easily the best to come out your pen....!!
Keep writing more..Google Ad-vani was great !!!