Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stealing from the coffee machine

How can you steal from a machine whose usage is anyway free? How indeed ... these pictures should tell the story.

We were fed up of the coffee or tea you can get from these machines. Frothy milk??? If I wanted froth I would just wash my mouth with soap.

Presenting ... the Coffee Day Express machine at Deloitte, Powai

The first step is to identify the milk container near the machine. Hint - its gonna be cylinderical.

Wait ... the actual first step is to ensure that no one is looking. Preferably have someone to stand guard.

Now you are free to steal the milk. Don't forget to steam it using the steam machine before use.

Add hot water and a tea bag or two (alternatively, espresso)

And .. its done!


virus_killer said...

haha... simply loved this one
2 months mustve gone great man!
the pics tell that straight :)

kadz said...


Good to know that you had the last laugh!

vibs agg said...

epitome of harami pana!! :P