Saturday, April 21, 2007

Welcome greyworld2

It is a testimonial to the geek in me, that formatting a partition is like saying good-bye to an old friend. This particular partition was set up just a little more than an year back, when I switched from Slackware to Arch Linux 0.7.1 noodle. So it had the memories of an eventful year, from the projects/programs which were made in the last days of the 12th standard, to the collecting PDF sample papers of entrance exams, to regular geeky stuff like tutorials, crazy hacks suggested by forum users, custom built packages of unknown software etc...

(I have had it with ext3. Twice I have seen an ext3 partition corrupt itself without the slightest provocation. This time I am going with jfs, just as my instincts told me when I first tried linux.)

I normally change the hostname of my machine each time I install a new OS, but this time the old hostname will live through. Goodbye greyworld, welcome greyworld2.

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Paritosh Aggarwal said...

I have JFS for Feisty Fawn partition!!:D