Thursday, May 24, 2007

Man and Superman

Even Don Juan in Hell is the middle section of Bernard Shaw's play. This will annoyingly be the same.

Exams were over ... yesterday.

Before - Numerical oriented and no chemistry. I will do well.
After - While nothing went wrong, nothing was too great. With no major regrets, its time to move on, to more meaningful things. Yeah right.

But what annoys me is that I am becoming bitter about myself as well. I am not being myself. There was a time when a fictitious personal superman was what I strove to be, but its time to let go and be myself.

After all, its man who always wins. Ask GB Shaw.


Paritosh Aggarwal said...

I am really glad you realised you were not being yourself.

Paritosh Aggarwal said...

Oh btw. I am downloading Twilight Zone:D. But the tags had "Scary" in it. Is it scary? I don't really like scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

first of all i don think i am eligible to "comment" on wat you did ..coz u r UJJWAL n i am uday....secondly..i think tht this "let go" thing cud hav wrked in ur case..but it doesnt in kinda acts in tha reverse manner...althogh it "let goes" urself frm tha present problem or watever u wanna call smtimes "over"relaxes nthen u feel free,live free..n wrld suddenly becomes a much better place..but smwhere dwn tha line.the regret which u earlier let goed' unconsciously prevents u frm doin the same mistake again...this regret will prevent u frm making any further regrets..pls excuse if u find anythin offendin..

Anonymous said...

atleast thats tha way i think about it..

Ujjwal Dasgupta said...

Well earlier I thought I would gently parody a certain play in this post, but I never got around to doing that completely, so a few missing things and inconsistencies. But the basic message remains , I think. I was just hoping for naturalness over pretension, empathy over politeness.