Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ericsson update


A person who can find enjoyment in the minor version update of a software he/she rarely uses.

That's one definition, and not altogether bad, not bad at all.

So I set out to update the firmware in my mobile phone, a Sony Ericsson K320i. There was no particular reason to do this, actually.

The update service software was a 20-odd MB file, and somewhat surprisingly the download link in my phone's support page was defunct. Anyway, I grabbed the file from the K750i's download page. An error popped up immediately after starting the application, though. A message asking me to update to the latest macromedia version from www.macromedia.com

This left me a little clueless, macromedia makes a lot of software. Anyway, on updating my Adobe Flash Player for IE to 9.0, the bugger ran. After an impressive animated show, firmware started streaming in from the internet. (I still do not understand why all these instructions require removing and replacing the phone battery). Start the phone again to get an error (hurray). Surprisingly the phone wasn't wrecked, it worked and (guess) the phone information shows a new version number.

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Paritosh Aggarwal said...

Thats class. Embedded really interests me. I guess we should flash our BIOS sometime too.